Do you want to start profiting from fans? Do you want players to agree to contractual terms that are less favorable to them, but to play much better? Do you want the employees of the club to work more efficiently and with the passion that sports club employees are supposed to have?

If you have at least one of these questions answered positively, then we definitely have the same way to follow. All you have to do is contact us to discuss the details of our win-win cooperation.

We shun publicity; just like you would prefer to keep a secret your decision to benefit from the services of sports neuromarketing.

Just make your request by sending me a message on E-mail, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The list of services we provide:

Complete project (creating an effective system of interaction with fans from the standpoint of sports neuromarketing, working on motivation of players and the team, branding, creating the site and application of the club which are efficient in terms of neuromarketing, SMM, training of club employees and further support of the club’s activities);

Sports neuromarketing (establishing a system of relations with fans and increasing the fan’s lifetime value through a specific neuromarketing campaign);

Motivation of athletes and staff (psychology of motivation and work with the influence of hormones on the behavior of groups of individuals, as well as separate individuals);

Personal branding of an athlete (with further control of the brand development, maintenance of social networking pages and assistance in finding a sponsor).

We consult companies and individuals from other areas of activities as well.