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How fans’ testosterone can make the San Jose Earthquakes great again

San Jose Earthquakes Great Again

Miss San Jose is drinking champagne with a San Jose Earthquakes fan in a romantic atmosphere under the palm trees on the shore of an artificial lake.

“How did you manage to become the best fan of the San Jose Earthquakes – LA Galaxy game?” the beautiful girl asks.

“I ordered a drone, like that of Casey Neistat’s, and went down onto the field at halftime. It goes without saying, first I was detained and beaten by the guards but when the club got realized that I would have it sued, it pronounced me the best fan of the game. So here I am now!”

“It’s so romantic…”

Do you want to know how could something like that have happened? Welcome to another edition of #AlienForMLS.



If you are a regular reader of my blog on sports neuromarketing, you’ve definitely read the entry post to this article.

I’ll start with the theoretical part. Yeah, “theoretical part” sounds boring, so if you feel like amusing yourself, click here. My blog is a cave full of alien knowledge treasure.

What exactly is motivation? You’ve got to realize that all human motivation is based on obtaining a short-term release of dopamine. The rest of the time is struggle for dopamine. So it is quite natural to be in constant discontent. That’s what a perfect natural motivation is.

But at the same time, we have to set goals for both players and other people. It is the achievement of these goals that will provide dopamine release. Everyone should know that it’s in this game/in this season that we’ve got to do something.

And it might be more than just one thing. It might even be something unrelated to sports. But everyone should be well aware that this is the goal, and we’re going toward it. In this regard, no doubt, it is easier to have a single goal and that of a sports character.

One of the major issues not only in football, but also in life in general is motivation. Without motivation, it’s extremely difficult to achieve anything.

It’s both very simple and not so simple with motivation.

It should be clarified that motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the only effective one. This is the case when you are just interested in doing something.

Extrinsic motivation is when you’re doing something for money, for grades, etc. The main problem is that when get paid for doing your thing, you have your intrinsic motivation replaced by the extrinsic one, as a result.

In real life, of course, there are transitional forms of motivation. They are the ones to be used in order to stimulate motivation.

Financial motivation is extremely inefficient and bearing only short term results. Nevertheless, people keep on using it because it’s the easiest means.

How can we motivate, say, players or fans? In this case, we’ve got to have certain hormones released in their bodies.

Dopamine is synthesized via some goal’s achievement. For instance, when a monkey sees an easily accessible fruit on the tree.

Oxytocin is connected with a sense of security in a society of people who are similar to you.

Serotonin is released as a result of getting recognition from other people. Status is of great importance for human nature, since we are governed by the genes seeking to reproduce. The higher the status, the greater the possibility.

Ok, we’ve put the causes to bed.

What can be the real life application of this knowledge? I suggest considering the following example.

We have to find out the segment which is the most willing to pay for high status.

I’ll interpose a significant digression here.

The resulting data is always fine, but you have to realize that we can properly evaluate the attitude of differing from us groups by no more than 25%, anyway.

Yeah, people are much similar; it is due to the fact that we are the same species.

At the same time, however, we are getting too different ever since birth, that’s why we need to have as close the contact as we can with each significant segment of the target audience, in order to be real effective. This is what is called the small data.

So let’s not pretend to be blind to such a segment of fans, as single (or even not single) men, blue-collar workers mostly, whose high level of testosterone defines a certain type of their behavior.

Let’s not play dumb here that we are ignorant of the way such behavior works. And let’s not pretend to be unaware of what we should offer this segment.

Challenge is in turning the comprehension of this segment of fans your way in the most effective way, without overstepping certain ethic limits.

I’ll make no bones about the fact that I’ve conducted some research on this segment myself. I’m not going to reveal the essence, but I’ve found it surprising that testosterone can “turn off” conscious mind in such a powerful way.

I knew it to be an effective tool, but before carrying on this research work I didn’t realize the real magnitude of opportunities testosterone can provide for a marketer’s work.

I know that dealing with this segment of fans, marketers can appeal to various categories of problems, the fans with high level of testosterone are concerned about.

Not segmenting them specifically as “fans with high level of testosterone,” they work on allowing them certain discounts on season tickets, providing them with the best feedback with the team, etc.

The main issue of this approach is that when a person’s reproductive module gets turned on, it is this very module that you should appeal to.

I suggest this strategy for San Jose Earthquakes. I’ve got to tell you that I’m not talking about direct monetization here. It is quite obvious that the direct monetization examples of the before-mentioned segment of fans are not to be made public by the clubs.

In this case, we are just touching on the motivation concealing the desire to improve one’s status.

We can organize a contest among male members of a fan club providing an opportunity for a fan or a group of fans (say, up to 3 people), who would organize the best performance at a home game, to go out to a romantic dinner with a Miss of some city.

Since there are a lot of cities of different sizes, and the club organizes a high-quality date with further coverage in social networks, Misses of various cities would find it intriguing.

As far as the club is concerned, it gets additional interest from fans, inspiration for contest, a captivating performance and media coverage.

In contrast to this competition, we can organize a similar competition for female fans. The dinner with any team player would be the prize in the case.

If female fans, however, prefer to spend the evening with a Miss of some city, it is their prerogative. Similarly, if men prefer dinner with a football player, it would be a smooth sailing to organize as well.


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