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Florida means United. Florida means Beckham

David Beckham Florida 2

David Beckham with Antoine Griezmann, in the company of billionaires from Brazil, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and China, are watching the match Florida United vs. New York City FC.

Billionaires from the United Arab Emirates and China have got a business meeting scheduled after the match. It is to be held at the stadium of David Beckham’s team as well.

A well-known in Miami politician is having a seat not far from this group of individuals, he’s got just a yellow VIP ticket though. He feels a little uncomfortable watching the blue Super VIP tickets.

Do you want to know why a well-known in Miami politician feels uncomfortable? The answer is below.



Folks it is the third issue of #AlienForMLS. The first one was about the Portland Timbers and the second was about Los Angeles FC.

Peculiarities of the human brain make it possible to facilitate conveying certain information and achieving the desired effect. It’s known that our judgment of a human and his/her arguments’ soundness depends on his/her appearance and our idea of what kind of appearance, voice and words are the most convincing of all.

However, we see that while awareness of this fact works perfectly well in many other areas, if it is to be used in football, it is used rather intuitively than consciously. This is a big omission.

We are not as smart as we think we are. But the funny thing is, we are even more stupid than we can imagine we are. Nature mocks us, creating an illusion that we can control ourselves and make up our mind.

In point of fact, however, it turns out that even being aware of the nature of processes that make us easy to control, we nevertheless find it very difficult to resist such processes. Here lies the great benefit for marketing.

Making a person change his/her mind takes time indeed. Bear in mind that people are extremely reluctant to give up their opinion, yet systematical pushing of certain information into people’s heads can reach the desired effect.

The only things we need are clear strategy and certain budget. In this case, we first of all need to convey certain information to the conscious mind. To do this, we’ve got to draw attention. We involve mechanisms of evolutionary psychology here.

The next step is about conditioning. I think you’ve heard of Pavlov’s research. Now we’ve already got, of course, some understanding of neuroscience, the essence still remains the same.

Through constant repetitions, influence on the unconscious mind bypassing the conscious mind is achieved. That is if in general outline, because this topic is pretty absorbing and can be discussed for a long while.

It should be emphasized, that any methods should be conducted within an ethical framework, which implies not using particularly cynical approaches used to some extent by media worldwide. Many media are based on totally ethics lacking principles.


Now we move on to football.

People are known to tend to homophily. It is the tendency of individuals to associate and bond with similar others. It has nothing unique about it, because clusteredness is present in our universe at each and every level, ranging from the micro level to the galaxies.

It’s pretty difficult to gain loyal-to-another-brand customers at the established market, however, when the market is unformed yet and is in the process of being formed, club does not enjoy hard-die fans, i.e. brand loyal customers. In such a case, it’s much easier to gain fans.

If David Beckham’s club determines not to name itself with reference to Miami to avoid so strong a geographic associating in the minds of people, then one can take advantage of defects in marketing coming from Orlando City SC. I really mean defects. High attendance does not yet ensure that all is perfect.

Expanding geographically beyond a particular city, it can call itself, say, Florida United, winning over supporters throughout the state. Having launched the campaign aimed at establishing a strong bond between football in Florida and a specific club, we will have a much larger number of supporters won. It’s just the first element of the strategy.


Florida means United. Florida means Beckham.

Actually, I like marketing of Orlando City SC. I would call it very nice. While their positioning leaves plenty of room for David Beckham’s club.

What do I suggest? To focus on the exclusivity of David Beckham’s club. A sufficient number of well-to-do individuals from other countries have their estate property in Florida. Including European football clubs stars. And most of them have no interest in traditional US sports.

At the same time, they want to enjoy a magnificent stay; they want to feel their status.

All David Beckham’s club needs is to provide them with status. With personality of David Beckham himself, with famous names in the lineup, with noted people in the stadium.

But if the club has a segment that can afford to pay well for status, then VIP status and Super VIP status should be introduced.

The real difference may lie in a minor detail. But the main thing is some external visible distinctive feature. Say, a ticket constantly hanging down the neck. It has to be a different color. And obviously cost more.

It is an extremely powerful tool. A number of evolutionary psychology factors are involved here.

And yet, the club has to make sure that there will be enough VIP status individuals in the stands. Even if hired ones. Or else some people with high social status in society can be the ones to be provided with this ticket for free.

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