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To begin with, let’s answer the question of what is necessary in order to attract fans to the stadium? Those who are well familiar with my blog on sports neuromarketing can enumerate a large number of effective tools. But let’s just involve logic, empathy, whatever we can involve.

People have to feel respected. Evolutionary psychology explains it rather simply:

1. Respect strengthens your social status;

2. Social status increases the possibility of quality offspring;

3. Reproduction is the only basic function of our body, able to provide even survival (the longer you live, the more time you have to get more offspring).

In this case, I suggest not to go in depth, dwelling on how one can show respect through hormones and psychology. For it just does not make much sense if there still remain some problems in the details. It is these particular details that I propose to discuss.


1. Show real respect for the fans.

Just learn to enter into a dialogue. People can be both different and identical. It depends on your approach. Try to really get interested in those fans who are here and now. Carry out that which is called small data. Use your own empathy to delve into the superficial division into segments.


2. Make the clubs understand that they are doing the same job.

You shouldn’t be rivals outside the field. You are doing the same job; you depend on the success of the league. Help each other, help the weak. If a league and a club have the opportunity to help the clubs that experience certain problems, it must be done. For example, they could help with marketing or SMM or whatever.

You can start with making at the top of each club site a line with links to the league’s site and the sites of other clubs. As they do in the American leagues.

This increases interest in the league in general. It will be even better, if the sites are made in a similar logic, so that the visitor moving from one site to another wouldn’t have to grasp new logic. It’s not OK to further annoy the person showing interest on his/her own.


3. Pay attention to Generation Z.

Yes, these are the same kids (though in fact some have managed to receive a higher education already), who older people find so hard to understand.

For example, MLS has properly and competently invested in the younger generation just to beat other American leagues in 20 years. Everything was so logical that it seemed only Nassim Taleb alone could not believe in the success of this strategy. But it had kept on working up to the moment when eSports began to develop.

20 years have passed, and the league still does not disclose the info about its fans, for according to some unofficial data, the league’s target audience is not as young as it is commonly believed. It requires too different approach for the Generations Y and Z. And the sports marketers around the world are actively looking for it to attract Generation Z without scaring off Generation Y in the process.

Many sports (not just football) clubs began to search hard for access to Generation Z. With the idea of getting with Generation Z the opportunity to earn money in the future, the clubs started investing in eSports. Do you feel the logic? To help with money and to attract football fans to eSports using your brand? Yes, I know the admiration which those who’ve made such investments describe them with, but it looks exactly like I’ve described.

So try to look for a really interesting access to Generation Z, but do not succumb to the hype. Especially considering that people haven’t become all of a sudden genetically different. Neither has the brain changed. Only the channels and ways of delivering information have changed. Well, they are ever changing. I describe in detail in my blog the most effective ways of appealing to the fans in terms of sports neuromarketing.


4. Have a real development strategy.

The key word here is “real”. Some may dislike MLS for one reason or another, but no one doubts that their detailed business model with formulas for the development of each club is a very cool example to be studied.

MLS is far from being ideal. It has got an administrative assistance to this or that team, if it presumes that the league as a whole will benefit from it (and the commissioner of the league, Don Garber, declares it openly). It has also got many restrictions and rules, that aren’t clear even for the teams’ coaches (yes, that’s particularly what we’ve learned due to Sports Illustrated).

But do not adopt bad stuff. Adopt only good things. And organize your work with fans on the principle of sports neuromarketing. That’s how the nominally simple way to success looks like.


5. Do not be afraid of experimenting.

Football is entertainment, do you still remember this? Do not turn football into a heavy daily routine.

Experiment with various intriguing moments. Encourage players to show imagination. If more interesting stuff starts to take place in the field, the audience will then grow as well.

For example, establish a competition for the best goal celebration. Encourage a serious attitude to this competition through the clubs. Just imagine the most awesome goal celebrations, which we’ll witness in a couple of years of such a practice! Your league will be watched all over the world just because of this. And the clubs will introduce a new position of a goal celebration choreographer.


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