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LAFC, or how to become a Hollywood star by attending games


LAFC – LA Galaxy. Derby was won by LAFC with a score of 3:2. The winning goal in extra time was scored by Fernando Torres.

A young couple of LAFC fans are leaving the stands in high spirits. TV series lovers recognize the girl. They’ve seen her play big parts in a number of popular sitcoms.

Someone addresses the girl with a jesting remark, “You are already a star!”

“This time I’ve brought along my boyfriend,” replies the girl.

Do you wanna know what’s going on here? Then keep on reading.


LAFC’ marketers are doing a great marketing job. We’ve definitely got to admit that sports marketing in the United States is the best in the world. Even the most successful European clubs are inferior in their level of marketing to that of the United States. But what they are doing over there in LAFC is real cool. And this is the main indication of why sports clubs should bring in marketers from other entertainment fields.

Entertainment creation is one of the basic necessities of a sports club, which will make it successful. In most cases, however, the entertainment focuses on the team itself.

I am sure that LAFC have learned from the experience of the Timbers Army when making decision to start such a spectacular looking club.

The Galaxy, yeah, you are pretty well known outside the US. Yeah, you have the advantage of being in the market for a long time. You are likely to steadily remain the number one in Los Angeles for some time.

LAFC’s positioning, however, matches up with that image of Los Angeles, which is idealized in the minds of people all over the world, while you provide the real Los Angeles, which is not really interesting that much.

And one more thing, I’m really looking forward to black flares at LAFC games. It will be something truly amazing.

Let’s get to the point.

Time perspective (monochronic – Western world – and polychronic – Asia, Latin America – cultures).

A fundamental thing for understanding your target audience is to find out their time perspective. If time perspective can be conditionally subdivided into monochronic and polychronic (standardly monochronic is typical of the United States and Canada, whereas the polychronic one – of Latin America and Asia), then it turns out that one should take an individual approach to understanding of this issue in the world today. Why? Because nowadays, time perspective varies within the culture.

It is particularly true of Generation Y, which is the target audience of MLS. It opens up further benefits for clubs, since understanding of your target audience time perspective can help boost profits from matchdays.

It is unwise to have people leave the stadium with the end of the game without finding ways to monetize their stadium attendance as much as possible, since polychronic time perspective suggests that they take time more lightly.

We’re dealing with the LAFC team today.

But first, let’s get this straight why LAFC is a really cool soccer club. It just so happens that a league like MLS has not only a vast majority of positive points, but a slightly negative one as well. And that is that clubs are getting alike to a certain extent.

As one can see it in LAFC today, this club is much more different from other MLS clubs. It must be due to the impact of Hollywood experienced marketers’ activities; the influence of logic used by foodstuffs marketers is also obvious.

It is a known fact that a new form of a product attracts attention and distinguishes it from the rest. Look up specific reasons for this in evolutionary psychology (in brief, this kind of directing attention in a familiar environment used to protect us from predators). I’m sure, the club’s marketers have considered this experience while creating a new unusual enough form of a soccer club.

In this connection, the specific nature of this distinctive feature is such that one should be very careful about newness, bringing it in not too drastically, because of our brain peculiarity to mistrust in a certain way whatever is new (again, it has to do with protection from danger). Drastic changes present a high risk of getting negative emotions from the consumer.

What are my suggestions? It is LAFC’s connection with movie industry that can be used to keep the fans staying within the stadium both to increase matchday revenue, and to render the movie industry assistance of all kinds.

After the LAFC game, spectators will be able to take part in screen tests for various Universal projects. It will thus provide not only sponsorship activation and motion picture studio brand loyalty increase, but also an additional opportunity to discover a brand new shining star. It could have never been discovered otherwise!

In so doing, Universal must always choose anybody from among the spectators for shooting in their projects to make it clear that anyone has a chance.

All should be organized for people not to feel nervous about their line while waiting. The proceedings thus have to be automatized (say, with a random number generator), not taking much time and encouraging people to buy stuff and use the services of beauty shops (as screen tests will stimulate them to put on make-up prior to them), etc.

The general case of LAFC shows us cleary a model of excellent marketing. The one that makes people become their fans. That’s why the example of theirs should definitely be looked to. Perhaps, the best way we can judge the club so far is by their incredibly cool videos.

We’ve got to grasp the logic of such advertising. We’ve heard for decades that the purpose of advertising is to convince a consumer to buy a product, whereas neuromarketing identifies the task of advertising as creating an emotional connection to a brand. This connection will be realized the moment one is to make a choice.

As an example, a sports brand is carrying on a top-class campaign which makes your perception elevate this brand over other brands. And then you visit an offline or an online store and see sneakers of this brand. You are being drawn to the brand.

The brand has created a kind of experience and authenticity in your mind, that makes you willing to pay much more than is the cost of similar sneakers of a different brand, providing you have some extra money. Somatic (emotional) markers in your mind have done their job.

As far as I’m concerned, LAFC’s advertising of the kind does have this emotional connection. Perhaps, the only one in the entire league that can provide a stronger emotional connection to an outside observer (or an undecided fan) is the Portland Timbers.

Unconscious level is activated here, so we can hardly describe with words why these things are so appealing to us. It is now becoming clear though, that there is actually not much we can work out on a conscious level.

The main work is done on a unconscious level. Evolutionarily, different consciousness modules are responsible for our decision making, they make choices according to patterns, which have developed over millions of years, and also according to somatic (emotional) markers, which are formed thoughout our lifetime.

Besides, there is another fact that justifies the need to create an emotional connection. If this connection is not created, then products or information will soon be forgotten.

Folks it was the second issue of #AlienForMLS. The first one you can find here.

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Images: Nathan Congleton