How can we make fans think in a predictable way?


To clarify the situation, I must say that I myself am in favor of another approach to interaction with fans. I have already written about the influence of oxytocin before and am going to do so further on.

As for me, making use of the influence of this hormone on a human being is more curious and respectful of the fans, since in this case one should try really hard to provide the high level product and experience.

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Since one should have an understanding of various avenues of interaction with other people, why not consider them?

I’ll start with an important clarification: this strategy can not be used along with the strategy based on the effect of oxytocin on an individual.

There exists a division into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. In most cases, our deeds and choice making are directed by our unconscious mind, but in some cases (especially when it comes not to habitual shopping, but something more uncommon for us) our conscious mind gets involved.

Conscious mind is what human beings associate with their selves, but in most cases it is unused. Human conscious mind is not developed that much, nevertheless it is important to us.

It should be said, however, that conscious mind being responsible for rationality, is not of great help in decision-making. People with the ventromedial prefrontal cortex disorder are experiencing great problems with decision-making.

If guided by rational thinking only, decision-making process becomes almost impossible. Everyone knows what it feels like having been worn out weighing all the pros and cons in decision-making process.

Can you remember what you’ve finally opted for? I can safely say that you have been choosing not the best option from the logical point of view. You’ve been choosing the option, you’ve got a liking for. Although, you are most likely to find for yourself a logical explanation for why no emotions have been actually involved in decision-making process.

This is the somatic marker hypothesis. Our brain is unwilling to spend extra energy, since it requires plenty of it for consuming anyway. Therefore, in order to make its operation more energy efficient, the brain creates throughout its lifetime process of gaining experience certain somatic (emotional) markers for each event in life.

Our brain later on simply “recalls” our emotions from the past, to make a decision. And in most cases, it helps us a lot.

The key to having fans start thinking predictably is in creating of a specific stress, when our conscious mind consumes too much energy.

Researches have shown that our ability of self-control is weakened by the event compelling us to control either our selves or a situation, that is, when conscious mind is involved. We consume too much energy, so after such a situation our organism turns on a power saving mode.

Creating any stressful situation, one can reduce the effect of conscious mind. In this case, one is safe to work with unconscious mind only. All is pretty predictable in this case. We are talking here about behavior, as well as further interaction with unconscious mind to do some shopping.

It must be borne in mind, however, that it should not be the kind of stress to create negative somatic (emotional) markers with respect to the club or the stadium.

We can conclude that this strategy can be effective in interacting with the opposing team fans. I mean, you are not interested in building long-lasting relationships with these customers, so you have no need to care about positive perception of your brand.

In this case, you can increase the control over the guest supporters to reduce their activity, and at the same time to make as much money on them as you can.


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