Manipulation to avoid


Today we are going to discuss the most powerful, widespread and ruthless manipulation. It has been applied for a long time and everywhere. I use it when working with fans, but in a very ethical way – solely to give extra emotions to the fans. For that is exactly what most people visit games for.

Sadly, not everyone supports my desire for being ethical. The result is hatred, hatred, hatred.

The friend-or-foe dividing mechanism is quite simple, but behind this simplicity is a whole fascinating world.

This is the way the division looks like: we group some people as “us” and some as “them”. In the process, the same individuals can fall, depending on the situation, within both groups.

We have a good attitude to “us” group, attributing even negative aspects to some external influence (or simply transferring a person who violates the harmony of our positive beliefs about the group to the opposite one).

We prejudge “them” group in a negative way. There is a certain kind of demonizing going on, empathy is turned off, and any good manifestation from that group is rendered an accident of some kind or an external influence.

The oxytocin hormone is responsible for a good attitude to “us” group. It increases trust, for one thing.

One of the relevant examples is terrorists. People have a pretty good attitude to “us” group. So good that they are ready to give up their lives harming “them”.

When the US Army got a problem with making soldiers kill others, neuroscience came in. The military began to work, along with one of the well-known American laboratories, specifically on the friend-or-foe division.

And pretty soon, foreign to our species’ nature cruelty could manifest itself toward “them” group. Cruelty is really alien to humans. Even though we haven’t got such a rigid stopper in our brain for cruelty toward representatives of our species, as predators have, cruelty is basically unnatural for us.

And only given the same friend-or-foe division as terrorists or the Nazis have, people are capable of cruel acts toward representatives of both their own species and other ones.

In this case, the collective trauma, experienced by a certain group, negatively affects empathy toward the “foe” group. Even if it’s not the group that caused this collective trauma that is concerned. Collective trauma will serve as an excuse for cruelty.

However, as demonstrated by a curious example with a significant increase in the number of vegans in Israel, it is the ability to use collective trauma in the context of something new, which can lead to more effective consequences.

Division into groups carries a whole lot of interesting positive opportunities for effective addressing of challenges. Unfortunately, we rarely observe this strategy applied.

I’m making it my task to increase the frequency of the positive application of this strategy, so in my blog you can find ready-made examples of applying the strategy of dividing into groups in work with football fans.

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