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New York, New York

New York New York

Does the title of this post, the moment you read, prompt in your head, as well as in mine, this wonderful song of Frank Sinatra’s?

Let’s conduct a little survey on the following subject:

This is one example of priming. It might surprise you how widely and effectively it is used by marketers all over the world.

Priming can be helpful even in evading the ban on advertising certain products. Namely, if your brand has a strong connection with something else, you can (and should) advertise this something else.

In this case, you appeal to the unconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind. And it is always effective when we are not talking about any new brand or product.

According to well-known IPA data, based on the analysis of nearly one and a half thousand successful commercials for a period of 30 years, advertising appealing to the unconscious mind only is twice as effective as that appealing to the conscious mind only.

Advertising appealing both to the conscious and the unconscious mind is less effective than that appealing to the unconscious mind only.

So, appealing to the conscious only is the least effective way. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that in case of reaching new audience or releasing a new product, it’s still important to appeal to logic.

I’ve already cooked up a deep article on this priming event. Expect it in the coming weeks. I’ve made it much easier – I’ve got my Twitter now. Follow me there, and this world will have one more happy alien!

Now, let’s switch back to our soccer issue.

When talking about the New York clubs, I feel two different personalities awakening inside of me: Mr. Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy.

Let Mr. Spock be the first to have his say about the New York Red Bulls and the New York City FC, and then we’ll individually give the floor to that creature inside of me, which bears a closer resemblance to you, earthlings.

So, the New York Red Bulls and the New York City FC are excellent findings of MLS from the financial and image point of view. I think MLS marketers know the exact figures on these clubs. Suffice it to say that the merit of these very clubs is obvious, both in attracting new sponsorship deals for the league, and in increasing the value of the franchise.

And now I quit describing it in glowing terms, since there is an excellent article in Forbes on that.

Spock in me is rising in applause. What about Dr. Leonard McCoy’s version? Arm yourselves with patience, he’ll get permission to speak as early as Monday.


Best regards,

Leon The Alien


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