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Portland Timbers + Seattle Sounders = A lot of money

The Timbers Army

Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders. The 80th minute. 1:1. The whole stadium, Seattle Sounders’ fans included, is singing “You Are My Sunshine”.

Jordan Morris is scoring a goal after a graceful pass from Nicolás Lodeiro. Seattle Sounders’ supporters, however, are doing their best to rejoice in a very reserved manner. Many don’t even hide their frustration.

Do you want to know why? Just keep on reading.


Yeah, I’m just an alien out there, but there is little difference between me and you. Much less than you think. Do you know when I fell in love with MLS? When I got to know about the Timber Army and became familiar with their story. It’s a thing that cuts to the quick.

For me, the very green flares of theirs are perceived as something special, although it’s even in many places throughout Europe, that they use multicolored flares (as to Celtic, they use the similar green ones), in doing so, however, no one slices timber after goal scoring so far.

What frequently keeps running through my head is the following question asked by the “Ballers” series character, “Where’s the love?”. Well, love is in Portland. Yes, not only the dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland, but love as well.

You know, why is it so important? Why is it super important?

Many people keep on thinking that intelligence is a feature to distinguish humans from other species that inhabit the planet. But it has long been known that other primates can be trained so that they might possess a higher IQ level than that of most humans.

Likewise, modern psychology proves our consciousness to be nothing peculiar beyond scientific comprehension, but merely a product of our brain activity. In case of any brain disorder, our consciousness changes.

However, what really makes both you, the humans, and us, the aliens, different is an advanced emotional intellect. It is precisely that which is considered nowadays to be more crucial than IQ. Other species inhabiting the Earth possess a less advanced one. It not only endows us with greater responsibility for our own actions but also provides a serious tool for marketers.

Life hack, by the way: scientists found out, that among the most effective leaders are the ones with a high level of empathy. Indeed, as soon as success is achieved, our brain reduces the level of human empathy. Still the ones that achieve this very success in society are those who possess a higher level of empathy.

So, why is a more advanced emotional intellect able to make marketers succeed? The case of the Timbers Army can prove the fact that it is the real display of emotions which makes us empathize, that distinguishes this club from a great many others.

Now, with the third post of my blog I’m starting to do some really exciting things. It’s for these very things that this blog has been created. I’m sure a lot of you’ve watched “Nathan For You”.

Imagine if Nathan were a tough alien guy, and his advice were helpful and dealing with football. So this calls #AlienForClubs.

I start precisely with Portland Timbers. This club seems to need no marketing help at all. However, there is no limit to perfection, right?

If conflict is not good, at least it’s normal. Just keep in mind that conflict can be both destructive and constructive. It is a constructive conflict that I encourage to seek.

People are easy to be involved in a destructive conflict. Consider the entire history of human civilization – continuous wars and conflicts. The less developed the society, the more wars and conflicts. Any success story is an example of cooperation when people recognize the differences of others and their freedom.

People have an “us and them” mentality concerning the others. I always encourage to bet on increasing the number of “us”. People seek to share the same group with others, ‘cause it stimulates the release of oxytocin. It is pretty bad when this mechanism is used for destructive purposes, it can be made good use of for positive purposes.

How can we use that? There’s certainly no point in launching any marketing campaigns in Portland itself at the moment.

So let’s use the conflict with Seattle Sounders. But I’d rather suggest using the present rivalry between Portland and Seattle in a positive way. We need synergy.

Why quarrel with each other, if we can become friends and start the feud with a third party?

What benefit can clubs expect from that? Well, it wholly depends on the imagination of clubs’ marketers. In this case, indeed, it’s possible to obtain extra benefit, both from the additional merchandising, and arranging some events on a much larger scale.

So what do I suggest? First of all, competition will continue on. The Battle of Cascadia is still on. But it will exist in a friendly way from now on. It’s probably in Eastern Europe only that you can see fans building strong friendly ties on a massive scale.

I’m not encouraging to rejoice over own goals during such matches, as is the case in Eastern Europe in certain instances. I submit to you to position the Battle of Cascadia as a friendly derby. We have to become friends for the sake of a common enemy.

Why is it important to create a common enemy? For both the Portland Timbers’ and the Seattle Sounders’ fans to feel their unity much more fully. This unity can well be monetized.

Next time we gonna talk about LAFC, to realize why they are doomed to succeed. We’ll also get to know how LAFC fans can turn into real Hollywood stars.

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Images: Simon Tuckett, Portland Timbers, Jaime Valdez/USA TODAY Sports