Simple logic of manipulation

logic of manipulation

I very often write about how to manipulate groups of people. I write this in the context of fans, using very serious ethical restrictions. The conditions for the development of certain hormones in fans are created after much consultations with specialists in this specific field.

In neuromarketing, not just book chapters are written on ethics, but the whole books. However, it does not prevent manipulating all over the place. Particularly frightening is its usage not in the context of neuromarketing, but in old-school methods that do not take into account the functioning of the brain and the human body as a whole. They are used simply because they work.

In neuromarketing to date we distinguish some basic techniques that are considered to be the most effective. You can come across them, in one form or another, outside the context of neuromarketing. They are used by media, well-known companies and politicians.

I set myself the challenge of simplifying this huge layer of information, to explain the very logic of manipulation.

I distinguish three levels of appeal to the target audience. This is the simplification that enables me, as a neuromarketer, to develop the most effective appeals to groups of people.

– Society;

– Evolution/genes;

– The basis.

The society determines the form of my appeal. These are the differences among representatives of our species, which are created in the society after our birth. I use small data to understand the target audience. Without the use of small data, the effectiveness of our empathy for a representative of another group does not exceed 25%. At the same time, we understand the representatives of our own group, that is, people like ourselves, well enough.

Evolution/genes determine the very essence of the appeal. For instance, evolutionary psychology is applied, which enables us to use evolutional peculiarities in the context of the present time. Genetic peculiarities of the development of our species are also used.

The basis of our life (as well as the life of other animals and plants) is only one – reproduction. Nature brings the reproductive function to the forefront. This function is masked beneath a whole lot of other peculiarities, related by me to “evolution/genes”. Nature directs us in many ways. And for sure, nature controls us with hormones.

And yet, no matter how high an opinion of ourselves we may have, our brain is not that well-developed. The absolute majority of our decisions are made on quite understandable principles, but without involving our consciousness. And even if we think that we are now know enough to be able to control ourselves, the brain is still very careful about the energy consumption.

You can control one element, till your consciousness ceases to enable you to expend energy on control and you end up being easy to manipulate. With regard to fans, for instance, it can be applied in a way that I described earlier.

So, as we can see, the logic of manipulation is quite simple. The complication is that one has to take into account as many factors as possible, as well as shape everything so as to make it attractive to the consumer. This is what we can help you with!

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