Sports Neuromarketing

It just so happens that neuromarketing has not received proper distribution in the field of sports. Some stray cases of endeavors to find ways to fit the rapidly developing neuromarketing into sports have not been followed by any subsequent serious steps.

So I, Leon The Alien, decided to dilute conservative sports marketing with neuromarketing, by starting to show ways of applying this discipline in sports.

Why is this necessary? Classical marketing considers only conscious thinking (System 2), whereas neuromarketing relies on a more complete understanding of the decision-making process in our brain, with a special focus on subconscious thinking (System 1).

conscious unconscious

With the help of classical surveys, marketers are simply unable to find out the genuine attitude of consumers, since the latter often do not know the answer themselves, and sometimes knowingly tell lies, for whatever reason.

In my activities, I focus on working with fans. However, I’ve had a good chance to apply the basics of neuromarketing to work with football players and club staff to solve specific tasks (improving work efficiency, increasing motivation, decreasing salary expectations, etc.).

Who am I? I am not much of a publicity person after some of my projects outside of sports, so I go under the name of Leon The Alien. I am a great sports admirer. And my liking for sports only increased after working in sports marketing.

Can I be hired? Yes, I can, and not just me. Depending on the project, we involve specialists in different fields, to be able to do the most high-quality and effective work for you.

Details about our services can be found on this page.