Why I don’t believe in VR and AR in sports

VR helmet

When there is much hype around something, we have to ask ourselves the following question: is it really interesting or is it just another way to make life more difficult?

If you guys think that my answer is too obvious, suggested by the post title, then I’ll disappoint you. But disappointment awaits you just below. And now, let’s realize what opinions there basically exist.

There are two pretty popular beliefs about VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) for now: the negative and the positive one.

The negative side is represented by skeptical journalists.

The positive side is represented by analysts predicting a large and rapid market growth.

There is also a separate group of people convinced that the adult industry will help develop one more technology profitable to it.

It seems to me, the last opinion is logical enough. And it is as a consequence of this option, that VR and AR can be developed in sports.

VR and AR headsets will be bought just for porn, since producers don’t aim so far at releasing AAA games for virtual reality. It is only for an additional use that VR and AR equipment will be applied in sports.

I personally believe that VR and AR are something very fascinating, but at the same time it is another way to make life more difficult.

I’m not going to touch upon VR and AR usage related health issues. I’ll just name two other reasons.

1. People don’t like it complicated. People don’t like technology radically new. So the shift has to be gradual;

2. People are fond of going to stadiums and will always be, for oxytocin is released when a person is among the people whom he perceives to share the same group with him.

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