Who am I and why the world is a simulation

Emotions are everything. What is a really successful brand? It’s a brand that establishes an emotional connection with its consumer.

Why does it happen this way? How should one handle it?  I’ll expound that and lots of other things on the basis of actual examples in the further posts of my blog. The examples, of course, will be connected with football.

This particular post is a foreword to my blog about sports neuromarketing in a way. It’s divided into 3 parts: who am I, marketing, and world perception.

1. Who am I? I am not much of a publicity person after some of my projects outside of sports, so I go under the name of Leon The Alien. I am a great sports admirer. And my liking for sports only increased after working in sports marketing.

2. Marketing. Big data, small data? I don’t want to be involved in this war. All that works should be used. It’s hard to imagine sports marketing without show, storytelling, real emotions and understanding of human brain functioning.

At the same time, it’s hard to imagine sports marketing without big data. We have to consider a lot of factors, ‘cause even the purest intentions comprise the importance of a financial component anyway. We are though very lucky that it’s the same pure intentions, respect for a consumer, a fine and fascinating story creation that are an important component of success. The same as big data that enables us to take a different look at the world around in order to become more effective.

True respect for your customer is of vital importance. Without empathy, without a well-developed emotional intelligence, it’s extremely difficult to live in society. All the more it is to succeed. No wonder, truly effective negotiations are not a manipulation, but an understanding of what is really important to the other person. Besides, everybody wants to be respected. It is vitally important biologically.

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It just so happens that we overestimate ourselves on each particular level – as our own selves, as a civilization, as a species, as a planet, and as a universe.

But it turns out in reality that our idea of ourselves is a rather badly developed superstructure of the conscious mind. The unconscious mind, in turn, is trying to protect us by any means from extra energy consumption, especially our brain activity, which charges our energy reserves too much. An improper handle of the psychology of motivation finally turns the process of learning into something extremely inefficient.

3. World perception. Our civilization and our species are just a probability theory. Modern human civilization is based on genetic modification of wheat, which made it possible to make bread, which in turn enabled the emergence of large settlements. It happened only 12 thousand years ago in what is now known as Turkey.

The other turning point for our civilization depends on the fragile history of Ancient Greece. Bearing in mind that Ancient Greece initially followed a completely different path, and only a degradation, which started the process of re-development of ancient Greek society, could lead the ancient Greeks to the foundations of modern Western civilization.

Our species (which I actually share with you) is close to chimpanzees, which are on closer examination, perhaps, the most repulsive of hominids. Besides our species, of course. Our species is mere parasite on the body of the whole Earth. Obviously, today it has a chance to make a step forward in getting rid of staying parasites. But, unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why the probability of this is not quite high.

Our civilization has been going through some pretty big moments when just by a tiny accident it didn’t slide back to the beginning of its development (or disappear completely).

At this point, we don’t have much time to realize our evolution. The theory of probability is unlikely to allow our species to reach the present stage of its development once again. Especially since our species is put paid to biologically.

It’s not even the weakening of natural selection due to the development of medicine and the stabilization of geopolitical and economic situation in the Western world. The fact is that for the last 25 thousand years our brain has been decreasing much more rapidly compared to its growth before.

The way out is definitely in the genetics control and transformation of our civilization into a different species. Quit being parasites is to make a really important step toward a new stage of civilization development. Both plant-based diet, and changing our attitude to energy consumption can be helpful here.

No need to hope for other planets. We are very dependent even on the latitude we live in on this planet. Our organism adapts to specific characteristics which make it virtually impossible to live long enough in different conditions.

Of all the other planets we can all the more choose just the ones that are in your and our solar systems. There are a number of factors that make it scarcely possible that our world is not a simulation. It would be extremely inefficient to waste energy to create a full-blown universe. Especially since such simulations are likely to be used for solving specific research tasks.

Thus ends the foreword to my blog.

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